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Volunteer Survey

We Value the Input from our Volunteers. Please Complete this Survey after you Volunteer on the build site. Thank you!

Strongly AgreeAgreeNeutralDisagreeStrongly Disagree
I am satisfied with my volunteer experience
I am well utilized as a volunteer
I feel well prepared to do my work
I feel that my volunteering is valuable to the organization
I feel the work I do is recognized by staff
I receive the direction I need from my supervisor
I have the opportunity to learn new skills
I would recommend volunteering here to others
Very FamiliarSomewhat FamiliarNot Very FamiliarUnfamiliar
How familiar are you with the mission and programs of Habitat for Humanity
Very ImportantSomewhat ImportantNot Very ImportantNot at all Important
How important is Habitat for Humanity's identity as a Christian housing mission to you in your decision to volunteer
Very WellSomewhat WellNot Very WellNot Well at All
In your experience, how well does Habitat for Humanity utilize the time and effort of those that volunteer (well-organized events, skills put to use, respect for time, etc.)
Definitely YesProbably YesProbably NoDefiniately No
If you were made aware of more opportunities to volunteer with Habitat for Humanity, would you increase your time spent volunteering
Very goodSomewhat goodSomewhat badVery bad
How was your overall experience while volunteering on this project
Very easySomewhat easySomewhat difficultVery difficult
How easy/ difficult was it to get pertinent information about this project (i.e. location, weekly, schedule, etc.)
Very helpfulSomewhat helpfulNot very helpfulNot helpful at all
How helpful was the supervisor when you or those around you needed help
Very safeSomewhat safeNot very safeNot safe at all
How safe did you feel while working
Very welcomeSomewhat welcomeNot very welcomeNot welcome at all
How welcome did you feel when you arrived on site and throughout the days
Very comfortableSomewhat comfortableNot very comfortableNot comfortable at all
How comfortable did you feel doing the task(s) assigned to you