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Lumber for the Lord

When preparing to build a Habitat home, we contact local churches to help us conduct our Lumber for the Lord fundraiser. One or more of our board members will speak during a service, if time permits, about the upcoming build, as well as the work of Habitat for Humanity. After the service has concluded, the board member will be available at the back of church to take free-will donations in exchange for a church member's opportunity to write a message of hop or prayer on a piece of lumber that will be used for the framing of the internal walls of the home. These messages will literally be a part of the structure that holds up the home and at the same time, symbolically hold up the family that resides in the home. Photos of the boards nailed and framed will be on display on our website, Facebook page and given to the family.

If you're congregation is interested in partaking in this easy fundraiser, please call our office at 507-354-4287 or email browncohfh [at] gmail [dot] com.